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Welcome to my blog page

What's this then?

Hello everyone. Welcome to my blog page. This is where I plan to write my blog about my placement and just general life stuff. That is if I can remember to update it. Knowing me I will forget. Here's where I plan to note down all the amazing, whacky, funny, sometimes down right disgusting moments for you all to read through and laugh. I'll try my best to not make my job sound like hell tho sometimes this place can be an absolute disaster!

And for Heaven's sake...


Finished (31/03/23)

Thats me just finished by 11 weeks of placement. Gosh its been a difficult few weeks. Loads of stress, loads of memories but also so many fun times. It was lovely seeing and working with everyone again. Especially Emily and Alison, my two besties. Throughout this placement block I have learnt so many cool things like how to insert a canula, intubate a patient, how to do a scale and polish, how to set up fluid drips and how/ where to inject medication. All I have learnt has been at this very practice and I am so thankful to everyone thats been patient (get it... patient lol) and kind to me through my hard and difficult times. I will miss the guys but I will still be working on Saturdays so i'll be seeing them every once in a while. I'm still working tomorrow and then I'm off on holiday on Monday so yay. Can't wait :)

Now i'm heading to my boyfriends to celebrate my end of placement with a movie or something else. I have no plans. Ill keep you guys updated with what happens next.

Choo Choo Train (03/04/23)

Had a lovely weekend with my boyfriend. Went into town and stopped by a few vintage shops along the way. Was lovely to spend money on something other than train tickets and food. Soon I'll be heading up North to my dad's for Easter. My brother is gonna be there and I dont know how i feel about sharing a house with him again. He stinky. He also steals my food and makes terrible jokes. Not really looking forward to the 3 and half hour train ride but I guess it'll be fine. I just don't really like being on trains and buses for too long. I hope the train isn't late. Fingers crossed

Hiking and Gaming (09/04/23)

Hi guys, me again. Inverness is quite nice this time of year. Its quiet, no tourists. Well... less than usual. Have been hiking, gaming and working on my college work which took waaaay too long. I'm glad ive got it sorted already. Can finally have a break. My brother and my dad have been harassing me to make banana bread which I can't be bothered making but the idea of enjoying some fresh banana bread is quite compelling. Tomorrow we plan to go on a hike depending on the weather. We went on 2 hikes yesterday and the day before. Both were spectacular with amazing views. Only issue was the fact that I hurt my knee but its not the worst injury i've had. I plan to head back to Edinburgh on Friday 14th right after my doctors appointment so wish me luck. Hope we wont have any intense hikes or anything up to then. See yall soon

Edinburgh (14/04/23)

Jon Biorno. I am on the train back to Edinburgh. It is 1pm and ive just departed the station 10 minutes ago. Its honestly not too bad so far. Got 2 guys chatting away and a nice lady next to me so I think this journey is gonna be fun. Oh we just randomly stopped. FS. Ok nevermind we moving again. This train has more stops than usual. Its weird. I'll update this when I get to edinburgh with any fun things I find on the way. See yous later

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