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Welcome. This page is primarily here to illistrate the importance of veterinary nursing and the extsenive care and knowledge that goes into looking after domestic and wild animals. There are many tasks and procedures that one can encounter in practice. I'll list them below. Feel free to have a read.

Here's some info about me that yous might need (or want) to know. I am actually not a human, I am a hamster in disguise.... nah just kidding, I am actually a human in a hamster disguise. I usually spend my time napping and splashing bandits as well as being a sleevgy little guy. Does anyone get that reference or is it just me? I am studying to be a veterinary nurse (animal nurse for those of you living under a pebble) and I am in my last year of university now. Its been scary, I am constantly in need of new underwear. No i'm not joking... or am I? But nah it's been kinda fun. If you ignore my university being a prick about the smallest things.


Today has been quite anticlimatic. I was meant to be on ops, helping with operations, preping and monitoring however nothing was booked in. It was pretty average at the start. Then one of the vets notified us that a dog was coming in that had eaten a foreign object. Hearing this, we got the x-ray room preped and then we got the dog sedated and x-rayed. Afterwards we preped the dog for an x-lap (also known as an exploratory laparotomy) and had the procedure. It turned out that the dog had eaten 3 konker sized balls, we assumed they were konkers. The dog recovered fine and I speant the rest of my day cleaning and studying. Afterwards I went home on the train and went to sleep.