Hamster Hamster

Hi guys, welcome to the homepage of my website. It's still a work in progress but I'll get there eventually. Right now you can access my other pages using the buttons on the left there, I really hope they are working. Feel free to have a look around. It's just stuff that I have thought about or wanted to add. I'll be working on this page as often as i can... fingers crossed.

Here's some info about me that yous might need (or want) to know. I am actually not a human, I am a hamster in disguise.... nah just kidding, I am actually a human in a hamster disguise. I usually spend my time napping and splashing bandits as well as being a sleevgy little guy. Does anyone get that reference or is it just me? I am studying to be a veterinary nurse (animal nurse for those of you living under a pebble) and I am in my last year of university now. Its been so scary that I am constantly in need of new underwear. No i'm not joking... or am I? But nah it's been kinda fun. If you ignore my university being a prick about the smallest things.